Oh My Glob! Totally Math Posters! Epic Quests! Card Wars! And… Siblings?

Having a rough day? Be cheered up by the many expressions of LSP!

Oh my Glob! LSP has so many expressions, and all of them are dramatic! Take a look at the many lumpy sides of Lumpy Space Princess.

Which LSP face is your fav?

Adventure Time: The Many Faces of Lumpy Space Princess: Angry

Adventure Time: The Many Faces of Lumpy Space Princess: Hairy

Adventure Time: The Many Faces of Lumpy Space Princess: Gummybuns

Adventure Time: The Many Faces of Lumpy Space Princess: Incomplete

Adventure Time: The Many Faces of Lumpy Space Princess: Tea

Adventure Time: The Many Faces of Lumpy Space Princess: These Lumps

Adventure Time: The Many Faces of Lumpy Space Princess: Lumpin' delicious sandwiches

Adventure Time: The Many Faces of Lumpy Space Princess: Definitely being cared for by these wolves

The wolves picture is definitely my favorite. 😉

That not enough to boost your spirits? Well take a look at this! Cartoon Network and Abrams Books have made an Adventure Time: A Totally Math Poster Collection book. In this book there are 20 different (high-quality I might add) Adventure Time posters that you can decorate your walls with! It features 4 posters from the Adventure Time Encyclopaedia, 7 rare posters from the Adventure Time comic series, 5 posters previously available only as limited-edition prints from Mondo Tees, and 4 never before seen posters exclusively for this book! How awesome, right??? And yes, they are all official! They are designed by world-class artists/designers, like Olly Moss and Tony Millionaire. Check out some of the art from the book! 🙂

AdventureTimePosters_Case_11_13_r2.indd adventure time poster 2 AT_Poster_Drawing adventure time poster 4

Wow, I even made myself feel better with this post! Or should I say… posters XD

But wait, there’s more! Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest is coming to Steam! There are new features too! These features include a new world to explore, new enemies to face, new powers to unleash, and new graphics. You’ll be able to play as Finn and Jake, looking fresh to death with new graphics, and many more characters via Steam on Friday, April 11. Wait! That date has already come and gone! Play now!!! 😛

***Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest is coming to Steam. You must be 18 years or older or have permission from a parent or guardian.***

Now, you’ve probably heard about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but have you heard about Sibling’s Day? It was on April 10 and Cartoon Network totally wanted to celebrate!

Your brothers and sisters might get on your nerves sometimes, but you know you love ‘em. Siblings are the spice of life, and today is the perfect day to spend some quality time with yours. Here are some of our favorite Cartoon Network siblings and some tips for how to celebrate this very special holiday.

Ribgy and Don
regularshow_donrigby_siblingsdayDon’t forget to hug it out with your siblings today. Give ‘em some sugar!

Ruffnut and Tuffnut
dragons_clip_201_01_1280x720Ruffnut and Tuffnut might wrestle and bicker, but taming dragons is what brings them together. Celebrate your siblings by doing something you ALL can enjoy!

Finn and Jake
adventuretime_clip_073A_01_1280x720Finn and Jake might be adopted brothers, but that doesn’t make their bond any less strong. Try going on an adventure with your siblings. You might be surprised by how much fun it is!

Anais, Gumball, and Darwin
gumball_siblingsdayWhether they’re blue, pink, or used to be your pet goldfish, you should always appreciate your siblings’ unique qualities.

Johnny, Mary, and Susan Test
johnnytest_johnnysisters_siblingsdayJohnny Test’s big sisters Mary and Susan don’t always agree with their brother’s antics, but they’re usually able to lend a helping hand. Make sure to help your siblings out when they need it!

Nya and Kai
ninjago_nyakai_siblingsdayKai didn’t think twice before rushing to rescue Nya, but you don’t have to be a ninja to keep your siblings from harm. Just encourage them to stay safe!

Jakes Puppies
adventuretime_jakespuppies_siblingsdayJake’s puppies always stick together, and that’s because they’re part of a team. Be sure to be a good teammate to your own siblings.

Más y Menos 
TTG_ep48_MasYMenos_Still01When Más y Menos hang out, they bring out the best in each other. Make sure to cheer on your own sibling, no matter what their talent is. Be sure to keep your eyes out for Más y Menos on next week’s Teen Titans Go!

Good advice, but I still can’t help bickering with my bro. 😉 Anyway, this post isn’t over yet (Sorry if your eyes are getting sore)!

Remember how Card Wars is out on the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android? Well I hope you remembered to pick up some rare cards these past couple days! This special event ends Sunday at midnight.

King Mushroom

Cow dogboy

famertom Fluffly

Have you gotten Card Wars yet? I haven’t, but I really want to! Just remember: The Useless Swamp isn’t so useless anymore with this special deal…


That’s is for now guys! Thanks for reading this super long post all the way though. You guys are the best! 🙂



LSP’s Fashion Review

Hey you guys, Lumpy Space Princess here. It’s obvi that I know fashion better than like, pretty much everybody else in the world. I’m always looking around and all like, “What the stuff are you people even wearing?” cause everyone else looks so lame. So here’s who looks “totally hot” and and who looked “totally not” on the red carpet this year.
Gumball is looking kinda hot in this lacy dress, but also like, kinda ugly. Ditch that crown, G-Ball. Everyone knows crowns are so last year. I mean, I don’t even wear a crown and I’m a princess.
Grade C
Ugh, not so hot now, are you? This shapeless slip of a gown is NOT doing any favors for you, FP.
Grade F
More like Giant Realistic Flying Nightmare! Lose the stripes. Animal prints are so tacky!
Grade F minus MINUS MINUS
Oh my glob, is that my star on Steven’s shirt? He doesn’t even wear it as well as I do. Though my style is killer, he should have asked before he totes stole it.
Grade B-
What the lump is Finn even wearing here? Lame alert! Those luscious lips can only get you so far, babe.
Grade D
Teen Titans GO! Starfire
What’s with the new costume, Starfire? ARE YOU HIDING SECRETS FROM ME?! Spill it, girl!
Grade C+
This tuxedo is super glam. Too bad it doesn’t cover up Muscle Man’s ugly face.
Grade F
Regular Show - Blondecai
I’m loving those golden locks but, ugh, a turtleneck? More like turtle NEXT, PLEASE!
Grade D
Uncle Grandpa - Gus
Gross called. It wants its grossness back.
Grade F
Newsflash, Amethyst: purple is my color. So you better back off. You don’t wanna mess with these lumps.
Grade F
I feel pretty bad for everyone else cause it’s like pretty impossible for anyone else to look as hot as me. I’m looking fresh to death in this red dress, and I bet Brad is like totally sorry we broke up even though I’m like way too hot for him and whatever. I mean like, if he wanted to get back together, I’d be into it. Do you think I should call him?

Who has the hottest fashion on the Red Carpet?

Admittedly, some of the characters didn’t look perfect, but LSP is being totes rude. I mean, it’s like, obvi. 😛