BTS Images & Info

Hey guys! This post is gonna be full of behind the scenes (BTS) images, info, etc. However, these aren’t really spoilers. Click to enlarge any images.

First off, don’t forget that Arabian Nights Island is coming out this Thrusday! For those of you who just can’t wait, the Poptropica Creators recently tweeted a picture of their Arabian Nights logo drafts.

bts island 6

I probably like the final logo the best, but the others seem pretty cool too. The Creators also shared some drafts of the actual island.


That’s it for Arabian Nights, but we do have another set of logo drafts! This time, for Mission Atlantis Island.

bts island 3

Some of those fonts are really cool. XD Anyway, those were all the logo drafts we found, but we do have other drafts. What would you say about island drafts? Well, apparently Water Thrill Island was going to come out, but it eventually got rejected.

Of course, many Poptropicans were wondering why this awesome idea was trashed and the Creators responded by saying…

Let’s change our wording from “rejected” to “rejected for now.” Got hundreds of ideas. Tough to choose. A juggling act.

Therefore, this island might have a chance. 😉 While on the topic of unreleased islands, we should expect another Wimpy Kid Island and/or a Galactic Hot Dog Island (after PoptropiCon and Arabian Nights of course)!

bts island 7

I’m up for another Wimpy Kid. What about you guys?

bts island 8

Anyway, in conclusion to the 50th anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the Creators have made their final post on the Roald Dahl website. Find the first post here, the second post here, and the third/final post here.

That’s all for now, hopefully we will have more BTS stuff up soon. 😛



Long Lines, Lands, and a ton more!

poptropicon homepage style

A ton of stuff has been going on in Poptropica today.

First of all, PoptropiCon Ep. 1 (Line Forms Here) is now out for members!


SD as Thor

I have already completed the island (sadly I didn’t rank that high) and I have to say that I loved it. There are so many cool costumes to customize, I got caught up in my outfit and got distracted from the quest. Even so, the story line was cool while still being pretty basic. The thing I think I loved most about PoptropiCon was that there were random Poptropicans (including the ones you can talk to) that walked around. This made it feel more a whole lot more like real life (and they were customizable).

Plus, the Creators’ first ever video walk-through (for PoptropiCon: Line Forms Here) was released! It was even narrated by Captain Crawfish himself and is totally free! However, we will hopefully have a guide of our own soon. Note that the video contains spoilers.

What did you think of the island?

Second of all, Mission Atlantis (Ep. 1-3) is now out for everyone!

Nothing much to say about it; I personally found the ending a bit abrupt. I guess I was hoping to actually meet the “aliens” and just discover more in general. What did you think of the island?

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Week of Wonder

survivalWe already know that Mission Atlantis Ep. 3 (Out of the Blue) is coming out this week, along with the updated Poptropica Land. Those things are great and all for members, but what about all the other Poptropicans? Worry no more!

Survival Ep. 4 (Cabin Fever) will be out for everyone on Thursday! 😀

Now in other news, many blogs have already mentioned this and finally we will. 😛 The Creators’ Blog slightly changed layout a while ago, so here is what is looks like now (click to enlarge).


Looks simple enough, huh? But wait… whats…? (click to enlarge)

ds game

ds game originalThat doesn’t look right… There is only one Poptropica DS game out and this is the cover. ➡

Does this mean we will see a new DS game soon? Hopefully we will find out soon! 😉


Earthshaking Events

Hey guys, quick notice to let you know Mission Atlantis Ep. 3 (Out of the Blue) will be ready for members on August 7 (Thursday).

Along with that a Mission Atlantis members only item is now in the Poptropica Store. It is called Atlantis Drone Follower.

ma item

ma item actionAs you can see, there are strange symbols on the front of the follower, just like many of the symbols we have been seeing throughout the island. Click here to see FB’s thoughts of recent MA Daily Pops.

Plus, a rumor has been going around that we will find aliens in the island, possibly the aliens mentioned in Lunar Colony island. Comment your thoughts below!

But that’s not all the earthshaking news we have. Out of the blue (Hehehe… Mission Atlantis reference) Poptropolis has been seen shaking again. It hasn’t been moving on the map, but if you land on the island you can definitely notice a difference. That being said, if you want to beat the Poptropolis Quest, you better do so soon!

Hopefully, we will get another version of Poptropolis sometime after it returns to the ocean. 😉

Now, in the Creator’s post about the release date of Mission Atlantis Ep. 3, they specifically say “That’s not all you’ll have to look forward to next week on Poptropica, but we can’t give it all away now! You’ll just have to keep checking back.” This could be referring to the sinking of Poptropolis, considering the title of the post (Earthshaking announcements). However it might turn out to be the updating of Poptropica Lands as well.


They’re Coming…

They’re coming… to the Poptropica map!

Survival Island, Cabin Fever (Ep. 4), will be available to members on July 17 (next week). That’s not all! Mission Atlantis, Fortress of the Deep (Ep. 2) will be available to non-members on the same day.

Whoop, whoop! 😀 Actually, it might not be a good thing to cheer for Cabin Fever because that means… he is coming…

cabin fever




*cough* Anyway…

Don’t forget to pick up your free wallpapers and posters!

You can get these at the Survival tour page:

survival extras

And these at the Mission Atlantis tour page:

mission atlantis extras


Which island do YOU like better? Comment below! 🙂


Atlantis 2 for Members, Survival 3 for All!

Hello everybody! Just a quick update on Poptropica- the second episode of Mission Atlantis: Fortress of the Deep, is now available for members, and the third episode of Survival: Distress Signal, is available to non-members.



Don’t forget- once you complete an island, find your rank!

(My rank from Fortress of the Deep)


What did you think of the episodes? Comment below!



Theories & Thoughts: Poptropica Con, Mission Atlantis


Hello Everyone! I haven’t done a theory in a while, and I have seen some interesting sneak peeks that I want to look more closely at.  This is the most recent sneak peek. Now, right away, I knew what it was showing: Comic Con. You can read on the banners “CO”, “CON”, and “CC”,  and it even says “This is serious business. Nothing comical about it.” Something’s up with this, but I don’t know what….. Image These next two connect with the theory above. They show 4 poptropicans wearing home-made costumes about something they are interested in. Sound like something familiar? (Psst- comic con is the same thing) The costumes look like: the work-out robot from Game Show Island, the astronaut from Lunar Colony, Binary Bard and Fire Dragon from Astro Knights. (Those last two are my favorites) ImageImage  I think one of the upcoming islands, is something to do with Comic Con, but mixed with Poptropica. (Poptropica-Con?) Hopefully, if I’m right, these costumes will be customizable, because I think they look really cool. I wonder what other islands may be included? The next sneak peek is what I think is part of the later episodes of Mission Atlantis. Here’s why: notice the skeleton-fossil-insect thing in the faded pinkish-purple container to the right of the picture? Image  The caption gives a clue to what it is: trilobite. Sure enough, when I googled trilobite, here’s what came up.  Image  See? It’s the same thing as in the picture! It even says “extinct marine anthropod”, meaning it lived in the ocean. (A clue to Mission Atlantis) Below are just some extra sneak peeks I think go with Mission Atlantis. Image Image Image Image


What do you think of these theories? Comment below!



Mission Atlantis: Into the Deep Review


“It was supposed to be simple: photograph rare sea creatures, then head back to the surface. But a stunning discovery leads you to a brand new mission!” (from the Mission Atlantis info page)




 Mission Atlantis Episode 1 has charming creatures and mysterious under-the-sea layouts, but lacks a big plot and characters. (for now, we have yet to see what the other episodes are like) 



I enjoyed the first episode of Atlantis for ten minutes. I know what you make be thinking, but you might be wrong. It isn’t like I didn’t enjoy it after the ten-minute mark, it was that I finished the entire episode in ten minutes. 

Survival had the feeling of being “lost”, but Atlantis makes you feel cramped in your bubble sub when swimming around the rock-formed maze.

Don’t get me wrong, I did like Mission Atlantis. The music was pretty great, and I really liked the different sea creatures. My favorite was the cuttlefish. 



I think the reason I disliked Atlantis the most, was because how short it took for me to complete it. I did like the ending, more than the Survival ending, actually. I’m curious to see what lies beneath the surface…


Rating: 3/5 stars 

Mission Atlantis is worth diving into if you have a short amount of time, want to see some extraordinary creatures, and a mysterious castle. 

Comment below on:

Your rating of Mission Atlantis

Your favorite sea creature you discovered

Your ranking of completion!

Hope you enjoyed my review! 🙂


Survival Eps. 1 for All, Atlantis for Members! And…..

Today is a big day in the Poptropica world!




The first episode of Survival is now available for everyone, and the first episode of Mission Atlantis is available for members!


I have played Mission Atlantis already, but I won’t say anything about it until later. Perhaps a review will be coming your way?

Also, on a side note, I found something peculiar. When going to the Poptropica Store, there are 2 new items for members, that haven’t been announced yet on the Creator’s blog.

Image                                Image


They have to do with Mythology Island, and I’m guessing maybe they weren’t supposed to be released until Mythology Island comes out new and improved?


I got both of them, and here is what the Cyclops costume looks like on me!


The costume comes with one red eye, fangs, a club, and a sheep tied to your back!


I also checked the Mythology page, and it is updated like the “new and improved” islands are! A desktop and wallpaper posters are now available! Here is the link to get them:


Don’t forget to look at your rank after you have completed either episode! 




non-members: enjoy surviving the Yukon Winter! 🙂

members: enjoy plunging into the deep waters and under covering a mystery! 🙂

Have a good weekend!