Coming Soon…

Well, you all have heard of the upcoming Mission Atlantis Island. It, like Survival, will be coming out in episodes. When can you play it though? It will be available for members on April 17! Because it’s coming out so soon, it looks like we will probably switch between Mission Atlantis and Survival (One episode Survival, than one episode Mission Atlantis, then Survival, etc.).

Now, I’m sure you’re probably really curious about Mission Atlantis. Thankfully, its info page is up now!mission atlantis

It’s a different world under the sea… but the ancient secret at the bottom of the ocean is beyond your wildest dreams.

Sounds cool, right? If you haven’t heard about “Atlantis” before, click here for a bit about it. Anyway, here’s a little something that everyone, not just members can enjoy. The MA Island wallpaper and poster!

mission atlantis wallpaper

You can click here to download the poster.

Okay, sorry about this, but I have to get back to the “members only” stuff. It looks like there is only one members only item (so far?) for MA. It is the diving suit, which is coming soon.

mission atlantis item


That’s it on MA Island, but let’s travel back to Survival. Actually, I think the correct term is travel forward. You know why? Survival Island: Crash Landing (Episode 1) will be available for everyone next weekend! Enjoy!!! 😀

However, we aren’t done yet. The Creators recently posted the picture below and simply said “WHEEEEEEE!!!” with a title of “I believe I can fly.”

flying sneak peek


Nothing much to this picture, huh? To the right looks like a satellite of some sort. From the looks of it though, it doesn’t seem related to Survival, or Mission Atlantis. And just to be clear, the Poptropican isn’t really flying (we did get to fly on Super Power though). It’s more like he is falling with style. So, what do you get out of the picture? 😉