Hi everyone- Trusty Biker here!

I want to kick off my entrance with an AWESOME theory about Mystery of the Map. Yes, it’s mine, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome 😀 .

First things first: what is Mystery of the Map?

Well, if you haven’t been reading this blog (or ANY blog in general), you’ve missed A LOT.

Mystery of the Map is this graphic novel Poptropica has been doing. Over on the Creators’ Blog, they’ve been posting daily pages of this graphic novel, illustrated by Kory Merritt (view the interview by clicking here!). You can view the graphic novel by clicking here!

But, there’s a whole lot more to MotM than what meets the eye (creepy music plays now). What do you think it could be? Why don’t we check the Daily Pop Sneak Peeks to find out?


24 Daily Pops. Sort of makes you lean the other way, right? To view my thoughts about each and every one of these images, check out my site, The Poptropican Newsroom!

But to keep it short, it looks like we have a common room called Viking’s Grotto, and what appears to be an item card. This item card may not be for this island (maybe Arabian Nights, maybe a whole new one!), but I included it anyway- just to be sure.

If you don’t care for pictures at all, and you still aren’t convinced; check this out:

If you type into your browser, it directs to Poptropica! I checked it out, and it seems to be owned by Poptropica; since February 25, 2015!

That is pretty neat; I can’t wait until the confirmation!

I’ll bet a lot of you have caught this already, but I just think it’s neat. To be honest, this was my first EVER theory, and I hadn’t even seen anyone else pick up on this when I wrote it, so it’s just very exciting for me. Also because I didn’t sleep all night and then woke up 3 hours ago plays a big part in this xD

Trusty Biker

P.S. Are you excited for the island? Tell me in the comments below!