ATP’s 2nd Birthday Party Recap!

recap - party 5

The ATP’s 2nd Birthday Party is now over, but it was a ton of fun! If you didn’t make it, we’re sorry, but you are welcome to come next time. The party was very small, but we still had a blast. 🙂

We played Pictionary on Xat, chatted, and listened to music on Plug.DJ. Plus, Brave Sky and I may have had a small butterfly war on Poptropica… 😛 A lot of AMVs were played by yours truly and so many other amazing videos were shared.

Like I said, it wasn’t a huge party, but it sure was fun. I want to thank everyone who showed up! I hope you had fun! I also want to thank Silver Wolf for letting us use her Xat. 😉

Until the next party!