Play Date Confusion

Looks like I was wrong! Apparently there was a new episode of AT on October 28. Well, according to the CN Blog there was. However it was posted October 29. I think it will just come out on November 4, like I said before. I’m so confused!!! I just want to see the episode. Anyway, whether it came on or not, here is the preview:

I think Ice King & Abracadaniel would be great friends. Although I’m not too found of Abracadaniel’s character. But what is the emergency?!? Did one of them get hurt??? Was Abracadaniel just using Ice King to get something??? I need to know! 😕

So what do you think will happen? Will Ice King finally go back to the Ice Kingdom? And if you happen to be watching Cartoon Network last Monday at 7pm EST, did this episode come on? Please comment!