A Jumble of Sneak Peeks

Hello everyone! Since I was not able to turn in an article for the TNPT this week, I wanted to make a post to make up for it. 🙂 You know the drill- I post sneak peeks from Daily Pop, and include little comments/theories about each one.

Let’s start off with the most recent island announced:


Here are some sneak peeks that I think match with this island:

open_mouth rumi_rug


Next island is:


(BTW, if you haven’t already, check out the first episode of Poptropicon: Line Forms Here, now!)

collectibles comics_table costume_contest galaxy_poster gofer_con gold_face revolution_statue stan_ditko_table

I don’t know about you, but Zombie Revolution looks epic! XD

One special sneak peek caught my attention:



Do you recognize this villain, E-Vile, from the Legendary Swords mini-quest?


Looking at the caption, it seems like Poptropica will not be continuing with the Legendary Swords quest due to the words: “May your legend never fade.” 😦

On a happier note, though this doesn’t have anything to do with islands, it looks like we might be getting furniture for Poptropica Lands! 😀


What do you think of these sneak peeks? Do you have any theories? Comment below!

Thanks for reading!


Happy Birthday Poptropica (PoptropiCon for all)!

birthday 7 other

Well, it is September and you know what that means… yep, it’s Poptropica’s birthday!!! :mrgreen: Specifically, Poptropica’s 7th birthday. In honor of the special occasion, you can now get the 7th birthday balloon in the store for free.

birthday 7

According to the PHB, Mummy and Scarecrow (Halloween) costumes were also in the Store, but don’t seem to be there anymore. However, you can fully customize those costumes in the Haunted House mini-quest. 😉


Now, you can go into any common room and it will be filled with balloons. Find the special 7th Birthday Balloon, click it, and earn a special costume! In years past the costume has been cake related, but this year is a little different (in a good way). Thanks to Squeezy Wing and Pixel for the image below.

birthday 7 another

poptropicon poptropican

~Finish Edit~

Along with that, PoptropiCon is now out for everyone!

On a unrelated note, Jeff Heim, who is in charge of Poptropica’s soundtrack/music, released a video where he explains what he does. If you curious, you should check it out.

Plus, we have found out that his Poptropica username is jeffheim88 and his Poptropican name is Lazy Cactus. To be honest, there isn’t much to be seen, but I think he is still worth befriending.

Anyway, I’m out for now. 😛


P.S. I will most likely be attending the PHB’s party this Saturday. It is in honor of Poptropica and Samwow5’s birthday (shoutout!). Be sure to visit the party to chat with me (probably) and other awesome bloggers!

Long Lines, Lands, and a ton more!

poptropicon homepage style

A ton of stuff has been going on in Poptropica today.

First of all, PoptropiCon Ep. 1 (Line Forms Here) is now out for members!


SD as Thor

I have already completed the island (sadly I didn’t rank that high) and I have to say that I loved it. There are so many cool costumes to customize, I got caught up in my outfit and got distracted from the quest. Even so, the story line was cool while still being pretty basic. The thing I think I loved most about PoptropiCon was that there were random Poptropicans (including the ones you can talk to) that walked around. This made it feel more a whole lot more like real life (and they were customizable).

Plus, the Creators’ first ever video walk-through (for PoptropiCon: Line Forms Here) was released! It was even narrated by Captain Crawfish himself and is totally free! However, we will hopefully have a guide of our own soon. Note that the video contains spoilers.

What did you think of the island?

Second of all, Mission Atlantis (Ep. 1-3) is now out for everyone!

Nothing much to say about it; I personally found the ending a bit abrupt. I guess I was hoping to actually meet the “aliens” and just discover more in general. What did you think of the island?

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TNPT Issue 36 – TMT 36

EDIT: The Creators have announced that PoptropiCon episode 1 (Line Forms Here) will be out for members on Thursday, August 28. That’s next week! 🙂

Greetings Frank the human boy…

TNPT Issue 36 - Page 1 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 2 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 3 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 4 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 5 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 6 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 7 TNPT Issue 36 - Page 8

We hope you liked our latest issue! Feel free to send your work for the Fan Mail and Ask Us articles via the ATP email ( theatpteam@adventuretimepop.com ). You can also request an ad in the newspaper or send in a funny picture for our “Tickle me Times” series (I know the name is cheesy, but that’s the point). 😛 And on that note…

tickle me time 36

Lol, yep. XD That’s basically what I say whenever I can’t explain something.

BTW: The ATP’s 50,000 hits party is tonight at 9pm EST. We hope you can make it! 😉 



PoptropiCon – Lines Have Begun to Form

Hey everyone! We all know that PoptropiCon has been an upcoming island for a while, and now… it’s even closer!

poptropicon poptropicanEveryone is dressed up for the biggest sci-fi and fantasy convention in Poptropica. At PoptropiCon, the most important thing isn’t what you do — it’s how you look doing it!

The PoptropiCon Tour page is now up, along with goodies for members and non-members. Start setting up your tents now because Episode 1: Line Forms Here is coming soon!

PoptropiCon is the hottest ticket in town. It’ll take all your wits — and more than a few disguises — to crash the party!

poptropicon wallpaper

The desktop wallpaper (click to enlarge) is free for all and can be found on the tour page.

poptropicon costumes

For members, Lunar Colony  and Game Show costumes are in the Poptropica Store. Not enough, huh? Well fear not! Members also get a printable poster from the store! With it, you can print out a magazine (just a poster though) of yourself and other superheroes and hang it high on your wall for all to see.

poptropicon posterpoptropicon poster layout

Looking good. 😎 Sadly, your poptropican doesn’t have a cool pose, like the rest of the heroes.

Well, on that note, this is going to be our 40th Poptropica island! 😀 Whoop, whoop!

We will keep looking for behind the scenes news on the island to keep you up to date. 😉



You probably already heard about this too, but just in case, here it goes. Recent Daily Pops suggest that a “Poptropi-con” is coming to Poptropica. That is, a Poptorpica themed comic-con. 😉 (Click on the pictures to enlarge them)

popcon1 popcon2 popcon3 popcon4 popcon5 popcon6 popcon7 popcon8 popcon9


Notice in the first picture, the Poptropicans seem to be in costume (even on the sign), which is called cosplay and often done at conventions. In the second picture, more costumes are shown. In the third, a large bridge can be seen in the background, which leads me to believe it is in California, where most big comic-cons are held. The forth picture illustrates a man riding a cab-bike, which are often found in big cities. The fifth and sixth sneak peeks show more cos-play at work (which, btw, look awesome). In the seventh picture, 3 signs can be seen. “CC,” “CON,” and “CO.” Get it? Comic-Con? Finally, in the last two photos there are even more costumes (such swag).

What do you guys think? If we’re right, this should be an amazing island! Heck, this would be amazing in real life too! 😀


P.S. This post is more of an update. FruitBat7777 already posted about his theory on this island here.