Chronicles of SF – Chapter 2

Okay guys, I’m back from my trip, so I can finally post Chapter 2 of the Chronicles of Sleepy Feather. 🙂

Creepy Hamburger, or Crep as his friends called him, had seen some pretty weird things in his lifetime.

But none of that prepared him for seeing a person fall from the sky and land in the ocean just a few meters away from his raft. It was followed by another person.

Crep acted fast. He picked up the makeshift oar that he was using to try and steer the boat towards Cryptids Island, where he lived, and paddled over to where the people had landed.

His sister, Shiny, woke up when the boat began to move. “Crep? Like, where are we going?” Crep didn’t answer her, and instead moved the raft towards.

“Over here!” he yelled, stretching out his hand to grab hold of the Poptropican in the water. He watched as the person’s head raised out from the water, and when she turned to him, he stared in surprise. “Spots? What are you doing here?”

He pulled Spots onto the raft, and both of them pulled up Sleepy, who was knocked unconscious. “Stupid pilot dropped us off here…” Spots muttered, then glanced up at Crep. “You wouldn’t happen to know if Astro-Knights is close, would you?”

Crep shrugged. “I don’t really know. Shiny and I ran away from – ”

Spots cut him off. “Carnival Island!”

Crep nodded. “How do you know?”

She grimaced. “I’m a genius. What do you think?”

He shrugged in answer to her question. “You aren’t going there, are you? Spots, it’s too dangerous!”

Spots shook her head. “But we have to save Silver,” she replied quietly, gazing off into the distance.

Shiny spoke. “So, like, Silver was taken? And you want to save her? Like, the entire place is full of people, and these weird guards are all like ‘YOU SHALL NOT PASS!’”

Spots glanced up at Shiny, as if confused why the older Hamburger sibling was actually being civil to her. “Exactly what happened at the Monster Carnival, Shiny?” she asked.

“Um, so, we went because we wanted to, like, have a good time at the carnival? But the clowns were so boring, so we left. And then we were, like trying to find the Blimp-Port so we could go back, but then we heard this scream, and we saw this weird monster chasing this girl!” Shiny shuddered at the memory, and Crep couldn’t blame her. That monster was creepy.

“So the girl got bitten, and she turned into a monster. So we ran, and found this boat, but before we could leave a monster broke most of it, so now it’s just a raft. And we’re trying to find a way home,” he finished.

Spots nodded, musing about what to do. “How far are you from Carnival Island?” she asked.

“Not far. Can I take you?” he suggested, leaping at an idea to make Spots like him. After all, he did kind of have a crush on her, so…

“We aren’t going back, Crep!” Shiny yelped angrily. “You can’t take her and her even-more uncool friend to Carnival Island! What kind of older sister lets her brother take two random girls to a dangerous island?”

Crep sighed. “Shiny, we have to go. They need to rescue all those people!”

Shiny laughed. “Look, Crep, I know you think the sun shines out of her jacket, but Spotted Dragon can’t rescue all those people!”

Crep swallowed. “Sleepy’ll be there, too.” He picked up the oar stubbornly. “I think Carnival Island is that way,” he added to Spots and Sleepy, who had just woken up from her unconsciousness.

And, ignoring Shiny’s protests, Crep began to row the raft in the direction that he hoped Carnival Island was.

Whoa… nice work SF! Can’t wait to see what happens next! 😀


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Chronicles of SF – Chapter 1

ATP The Chronicles of Sleepy Feather

Chapter One already?” You betcha! “Wow, you weren’t kidding!” IKR? Thank Sleepy Feather for writing this amazing series! 🙂

“Paper’s here!” called Sleepy’s butler, Strange Servant. Sleepy didn’t have to be called twice – she raced down the stairs eagerly to meet the butler carrying the Daily Pop.

“Thanks, Strange,” she said, taking the newspaper and eagerly unfolding it. Her face fell when she saw the front page, which proclaimed in big letters that there was STILL NO NEWS ABOUT MISSING CARNIVAL VISITORS.

“I’m sorry, Miss Feather,” said Strange. “Perhaps there will be news tomorrow. Golden can’t go missing forever.”

Sleepy nodded. “We just have to keep on hoping, right, Strange?” she replied quietly, but even she didn’t seem too sure.

“Right, Miss Feather,” Strange replied, heading off to do…whatever butlers do.

Sleepy turned and headed in the direction of the dining room, worried. Last month, her sister, her sister’s best friend, and Sleepy’s own best friend had all gone missing, among other people. Sleepy was one of the only people in the world who knew that there was something sinister on Carnival Island.

The only other people who knew were the missing people, and Sleepy’s other best friend, Spotted Dragon, who was sitting in the dining room eating breakfast. Sleepy and Spotted had met at school – or, rather, they had been introduced by Silver.

“Any news?” Spotted – who preferred to be called Spots – asked, and was answered with Sleepy’s mournful expression and a shake of her head. “I thought not. If I’d told you before –”

Sleepy cut her friend off. “No, Spots. It’s not your fault.”

“If I told her about Da – I mean, the Ringmaster – Silver would still be here,” Spots shot back.

Sleepy felt guilty. Spots’ father was the Ringmaster of the Monster Carnival, and while she and her mother left Carnival Island, Spots still remembered it vividly. The night that Golden and Silver had gone to the carnival, Spots had told Sleepy everything – about her father, who was trying to make a serum to turn Poptropicans into monsters, and about his plot to transform everyone on the planet into a vicious beast. But she bravely tried to make a point. “That wouldn’t have stopped all those other Poptropicans.”

“But Silver would be with us to figure out what to do,” Spots replied.

“We don’t need Silver. I figured it out,” Sleepy said, and told her friend about her plan. “We get Zippy to fly us there, and we infiltrate his place and stop him. Simple.”

Spots stared at her skeptically. “It won’t be that easy. He’ll want to turn us into monsters.”

“We can get some cure or whatever from Elyana,” Sleepy replied. Elyana was the name of the princess that the three of them had saved in Astro-Knights Island. They were good friends with Elyana, and Sleepy was sure that the princess would help them.

“It’ll still be dangerous,” Spots said.

“We’re going to have to risk it. To get them back,” Sleepy answered, and Spots was quiet for a while.

“Okay,” she said finally. “Let’s do it.”

Sleepy smiled for a second, but her grin evaporated moments later. “Zippy will be in the back. Probably.”

The duo got ready, collecting things that they thought they would need in their backpacks, and then headed for the front door. “Where are you headed, Miss Feather,” said a voice behind them.

Sleepy shrieked and turned, only to see Strange standing there holding a tray.  “Just to Astro-Knights, to see Elyana,” she replied. It wasn’t technically a lie, but Sleepy still felt guilty about saying it. Even if he was creepy sometimes (more like all the time), Strange was more than a butler. He was a family friend.

Plus, Sleepy had morals about lying.

The two girls headed for the helipad in the back garden, where they found Zippy Scorpion, Sleepy’s pilot, in a shirt and tie. “Going out somewhere, Zippy?” she asked.

Zippy turned. “Ah. Miss Feather. No, I’m not going anywhere special. Are you two going out somewhere, though?”

Sleepy nodded. “Could you take us to Astro-Knights? We have something we want to do there.”

Zippy smiled. “This wouldn’t be on the way to Carnival Island, would it?” he asked jokingly.

Sleepy shook her head. “No, we just want to see Elyana.”

Zippy gave her a look that showed that he didn’t believe her, but replied, “Okay then. Get in, both of you.” He opened the door of the helicopter for Spots and Sleepy to go in.

An hour later, they were flying over the open sea towards Astro-Knights Island. The helicopter’s passengers were all very quiet, not least because of the lightning and thunder shaking the vehicle.

“Zippy! What’s happening?” Sleepy asked.

“Just some light turbulen-aaaah!” Zippy replied, but was cut off by the helicopter taking an unexpected dive. “You’re going to have to jump!” he yelled, pulling out two parachutes. But before he could pass them to Spots and Sleepy, the helicopter turned on its side. The door flew open and the two tumbled out.

Spots managed to grab one of the parachutes and open it. “Sleepy!” she yelled. Her friend had fallen first, and had not managed to grab a parachute.

Then Spots heard a tearing sound. Her parachute had ripped. “Oh no,” she said to herself as she went plunging down to the big blue ocean below her.

Uh oh… I’m sure we’ll think of something… right? XD


The Chronicles of Sleepy Feather: Prologue – REWRITTEN!

ATP The Chronicles of Sleepy Feather

First of all, this is not a CDO 10 prize. However, it is still pretty awesome! 😉

Sleepy Feather, a previous ATP author, has decided to continue her story (Chronicles of Sleepy Feather). She started writing it when she was an author here and wrote bits and pieces after she resigned. It was a thrilling story and featured many viewers. It has been awhile since a new chapter has been released, but that is about to change…

SF has decided to continue her tale, but from the beginning again! Chapters will be released more often too. So, without further ado… here is the rewritten prologue! 😀

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SD & HB Episode 7: The Trail: Parts 1 – 2 – 3

Hey everybody! I know I haven’t posted an episode of Super Dragon and Hamburger Boy lately, so I decided to today! This episode gets a little soul search-y, so just bare with me until this SD kidnapping is over with. 😛

ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 7 - 1 ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 7 - 2 ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 7 - 3

Yeah, yeah, kinda boring right now. Hopefully I’ll remember to post the rest of the episode in the next couple days. I guess I’m just prone to suspense. 🙂


SD & HB Episode 6: Taken (Part 3, 4, & 5)

Hey everyone! I’m extremely sorry that I didn’t get around to posting the rest of SD & HB Episode 6: Taken. So, I’m going to try and make it up to you by posting the rest of the episode for you all at once. 😛

If you forgot what happened in parts 1 & 2, click here.

ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 6 - 3

ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 6 - 4

ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 6 - 5

Well, I hope you liked it! If we get a lot of positive comments on this episode, episode 7 should be coming out soon! 😀


SD & HB: Episode 6 – Taken (Parts 1 & 2)

Hey everyone! In the poll, it looked like everyone was really eager to read the next episode of Super Dragon and Hamburger Boy! I’m glad to say that it’s finally here. Well… part of it anyway. I couldn’t just give you the whole episode at once! I was originally only going to give you the first part, but they just seemed TO little. So, I hope you enjoy the first 3 parts of this episode! Parts 4 and 5 should be coming out soon, plus episode 7! 😉

ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 6 - 1 ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 6 - 2

Interested? Keep checking back at the ATP for more of the story! 🙂


P.S. Doesn’t Super Dragon look adorable as a baby? 😛