Poptropolis is rising soon for non-members!

For all of the non-members of Poptropica, good news! On December 5, you will be able to play the improved Poptropolis Games with two new games! Members, grab your members only items before Dec. 5!

The Games are almost here

The updated Poptropolis Games will be available for everyone to play this Thursday, December 5! But that also means that your chance to grab the Wrestling Gear will also be gone on Thursday — maybe forever.

So if you’re already a Member, head to Poptropica now to claim your outfit! If you’re not, become a Member today so you can take advantage of all the great things about Poptropica Membership.

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I did not do very well in the ranking for Poptropolis, I got somewhere in the 4,000 range, but that was because my membership expired. I did much better on Virus Hunter, when I got 75th! What rankings did you get? For non-members, are you excited to play?

Comment below!


James Guy – Pop News

Lots of updates people! We’ll start with the most recent episode of Adventure Time, James. To watch the episode now, click here.

I thought it was a pretty cool episode. I had NO IDEA that PB was the saboteur. And James was kinda nuts. Oh! What did you think about PB cloning James? I think it’s a bit wrong, ya know? Also, what will happen with the rest of the toxic creatures? Will it end up being one of those mysteries that’s never solved? I hope not! I totally want PB to colonize the Desert of Wonder place too. That’s pretty cool. Maybe a second Candy Kingdom? Weird. Finally, did you notice PB was on the coin? I just thought that was interesting. 😛 So how did you like it?

Next, let’s talk about the next episode of Adventure Time, called Root Beer Guy. The synopsis is that “When Root Beer Guy claims Finn and Jake kidnapped Princess Bubblegum, no one believes him.” Thank the AT Wiki for that info. 😉 Now here is the long preview:

Weird, right? Finn and Jake would NEVER do something bad on purpose. Like, NEVER. Maybe clones? Imposters of some sort? I’m thinking a possible prank? What do you think? This episode will air December 2, 2013. BTW: The episode after this is called Frost & Ice. Could this be similar to the Frost & Fire related episodes? Time will tell…

Now, if you remember, a long while ago, we mentioned a Adventure Time Balloon. Well, it’s coming up soon! In the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!


We just couldn’t keep this one a secret! We’re serving up an extra large helping of Adventure Time this Thanksgiving. Finn and Jake are making their debut in the 87th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade® this year. Check out this picture from our test flight.

I know some Adventure Time fans have been wondering what will happen AT related for Thanksgiving. Sadly, there wasn’t a special episode, however I think this is better! When/If you see this balloon, tell us what it was like and how awesome it was! 😀

On to Poptropica News. We have 3 new Creator Posts, listed from least recent to most recent.

Don’t forget your Mocktropica Island extras!

Although Mocktropica won’t be out until next month, there’s no reason you can’t pick up some free Mocktropica goodies today. Don’t forget to visit our Mocktropica info page for your Island extras. You can get a free desktop wallpaper and printable poster!

And if you can’t wait until December for more Poptropica goodness, don’t forget that Early Access to Poptropolis Games 2013 is happening right now! With Membership, you can be one of the first to play and win Poptropolis Games 2013, and pick up your exclusive Poptropolis Games Members-only items in the Poptropica Store.

Visit Poptropica now to play!

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Can you top this?

I’ve been trying all day and this is the best I can do. It’s enough for first place, but maybe not a world record.

What’s your best javelin score in Poptropolis Games 2013?

Go to Poptropica now to see if you can beat me!

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What’s on your holiday wish list?

It’s that time of year again! Time to pester the grown-ups in your life for the best presents imaginable. As we do most years, we’d like to make it a little easier for you to let people know what Poptropica stuff you already have, and what you absolutely can’t live without.

Get your printable holiday wish list now!

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Okay! Well, we’ve already told you about the Mocktropica extras. Sadly, I’m not a member and I don’t remember my scores from the last Poptropolis Games, so I can’t tell you much about the javelin scores. Can you beat the Captain’s score? Finally, the annual Poptropica Holiday Wish List. Of course, it’s been updated to show all the 2013 merchandise. So what Poptropica stuff do you want for the holidays? What AT stuff do you want? Share in the comments! 😀

Oh! And Happy Thanksgiving! :mrgreen:


P.S. I can’t post too much over Thanksgiving and I’m sure not a lot of our authors can either. Sorry for the inconvenience. (But authors, please try to start posting updates more often! Or anything Pop/AT related that you want shared for that matter. 😉 )

PopGames 2013 Advice

How to get the best scores in the new Poptropolis Games events

Many of you have had a chance to check out the new events in Poptropolis Games. We hope you like them as much as we do! Because the instructions screen will only tell you so much, here are a few tips to win gold in the new events.

In the downhill race, you’ll probably notice two things immediately: going through a gate removes a second from your time, while hitting an obstacle adds a second. The best way to make sure that you hit gates and avoid obstacles is actually to go off jumps!

Each jump will take you over a minefield of obstacles that are hard to miss. But if you hit the jump, you’ll sail clear — and you’ll land right in front of a gate.

In volleyball, there’s no real trick, but the important thing to remember is that the angle the ball bounces off of you is based entirely on where it hits you. If it hits the front of you, it’ll bounce forward. If it lands on top of your head, it will bounce straight into the air. And if it hits the back of you, it’ll bounce backward.

The key is to try to position yourself in such a way that you’ll bounce the ball at a angle that is hard for the octopus to defend.

Hope that helps! If you’ve already won the Games, see where you rank on our World Champions live map. If you haven’t played, find out how to become a Member so you can play Poptropolis Games this weekend!

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I haven’t played the island yet, so I don’t know if the advice is worth while or not, but it seems helpful! Have you beat Poptropolis? Were the new events difficult?


Pop Adventures & Pop Games Forever!!!

Adventures across time and space

People have been asking if Poptropica Adventures will be compatible with Nintendo’s new 2DS handheld system, which is sure to be on a lot of holiday wish lists this year. The answer is yes! Poptropica Adventures works on any model of the Nintendo DS.

So whether you’re still holding onto that old DS Lite, or are expecting a 2DS this holiday season, we’ve got you covered. Poptropica Adventures is available from Amazon and other fine retailers!

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Cool! I would be more excited about this, but there’s even bigger news!!! 😀

Early Access to Poptropolis Games 2013 is now available!

Poptropica Members can now enjoy Early Access to Poptropolis Games 2013! With a bigger screen, music and sound effects, and two all-new events, it’s more fun than ever to win glory for your tribe.

Want to know how your performance stacks up to other players? Visit the Poptropolis Games World Champions live map! See how quickly you finished compared to people from your country and around the world.

Not a Member? You can still play two events during the Early Access period — or become a Member today to win gold before everyone else.

One last thing: congratulations to the Wildfire, the tribe who worked the hardest to raise the games! Millions of Poptropicans swam to the ocean floor to help dig up the Poptropolis Games, but no one did more than the Wildfire. Your tribe is now immortalized with a statue on Main Street.

Don’t miss out on the most spectacular competition of all time. Go to Poptropica now to play Poptropolis Games 2013!

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Go, go go! If you’re a member that is. I, sadly am not. And I’m kinda disappointed that Wildfire won… Oh well. 😛 Congrats Wildfire!


P.S. Attention to ALL authors! I really need you to start posting more often! I feel that I’m the only one posting and I feel bad that some people that view the ATP are getting news late because I can only post late. Please become more active everyone!!!