The Red Betty

Yeah, yeah, this is late considering the new episode of Adventure Time is coming on tonight. I know I’m a bit behind on some things. Anyway, let’s start this AT update with the latest episode, The Red Throne.

The Red Throne was AT’s Valentine’s Day Special (If you want to watch it before you read on, click here!). It was about how Flame King took back the Fire Kingdom, so Flame Princess and Cinnamon Bun had to get Finn’s help to take it back. There was some drama, but it was still a good episode. We got to see a little more of Flame King and his evil deeds, but what I really want to focus on is Cinnamon Bun. First of all, this episode proves that CB does have some emotional feelings towards FP. He might not exactly want to date her, but he as some obligation to protect her. More importantly… Cinnamon Bun is fully baked!

Okay, okay, I’ll backtrack a bit. In previous episodes, we’ve heard PB and other characters saying that CB is half-baked. At the time, we just thought of it as a nice way to say dumb, or a Candy Kingdom way of saying dumb. Well, it still means dumb, but now we have more insight. In The Red Throne, CB acts smarter, especially towards the end. More specifically, after he get’s hurt. Hurt with fire. We cook things, like baked goods, with fire and heat. Getting the picture? CB is officially smart! Can you believe it? Some people might feel that their beloved character has been changed, but I think it’s great news! He was just a little bit too immature for me to handle.

What did you guys think about The Red Throne?

Okay, here’s the big shocker. You may have noticed in TNPT, that the next episode is called Betty. The synopsis of the episode, however, has changed since TNPT issue. The new synopsis is “In Wizard City, a magic spell backfires and turns Ice King back into Simon. Now with Finn, Jake and Marceline’s help, Simon finds a way to bring his beloved Betty back. Finally reunited with the love of his life, everything is great! There’s just one catch… without his magic crown, Simon will die.” I KNOW, RIGHT???

This is going to be one of the biggest episodes!!! Just like I Remember You and Simon & Marcy, this is going to be one that pulls at the heart strings, I can tell. For one, we’re going to finally meet Betty! Simon’s long lost true love! The reason he kidnaps princesses! Yet, at the same time, aren’t we going to miss Ice King? The misguided old man that everyone loved to laugh at? I mean… what will happen to Gunter? And Gunther? And Gaunter? And all the other adorable penguins! 😯 Then of course, when we push all our memories of foolish old Ice King aside and try to get to know the real Simon, there’s the fact that he will die if he stays. What the nuts is going to happen?!?!?

Now, your probably thinking, “OMG!!!!! SD, why don’t you show us the stinking preview already (Even though it will just make us more anxious)???” Well, sorry guys. But Cartoon Network is being a total patoot right now. The only video I can show you about Betty is this (Enjoy!):

My body might donk out soon.” Is that seriously all you’re going to show us CN? 😐 There is absolutley nothing else you’re going to give us. Now, I searched for a bit and I did find a piece of promo art for the episode.

Nothing much, but now we know that Huntress Wizard, vaguely seen in a previous episode, will most likely be a part of the story. If you don’t remember here, this is what she looks like in color:

huntress wizard

See the similarities? Yeah. Well, that pretty much wraps up this AT update! I wish I had more to say, but I don’t. Hopefully we’ll have most of the answers in… less than two hours! I can’t wait for Betty! 😀


P.S. Thanks King of Ooo (Official AT Site) for the awesome pictures!