Timmy Failure for all, Prison Break and labyrinths!

Hey guys, Slip here!

Rapid Reports? Rapid Report! Ready? Go!

Timmy Failure is now out for all! You can finally search for the lost lucky pants! Who’s the culprit? Where’s the pants? Find it out now on Poptropica! The Creators also made their Twitter page Timmy Failure themed a few days ago and gave out cool promo codes (which are now expired). The codes were…


Timmy Failure Wallpaper

Rapid report #2! Announcing the next island… not yet. XD

Hputerpop recently discovered the name of the next Poptropica island— it’s Prison Break Island! It’s pretty obvious, but I’m curious how our player will get apprehended. 😕 It looks like it’s a good island and I’m really excited!


Rapid Report #3! Captain Crawfish uploaded a brand new Remarkable Realms video! It features Smart Bones’ labyrinth and Captain Crawfish’s journey inside! He looks like he had so much fun and he really feels what we feel. XD Watch it below. 🙂

That’s all of the news that you need to know—in a really fast manner. What do you think of the updates? Make sure to leave a comment! Here’s my random gif of the day! 🙂




Timmy Failure: Out now for Members!

Spotted Dragon here with some big news! Timmy Failure is officially out now for members! It came out at 4pm EST today, so if you were looking for a top ranking on the World Champion Map, you’re just a little late.

As for the non-members, you can still play a demo of the island. Meanwhile the entire quest will be available on October 6.

Sadly, my membership expired so I can’t play the island just yet. However, if you’re stuck you can always check out Captain Crawfish’s Walkthrough on the island:

Good luck in your hunt for Timmy’s lost pants! 😀


Daily Pop-In Review


Daily pop in review

The Daily Pop-In is now over, but the discussion is just dying down. Before reading my review of the event, be sure to see what it was about, including the prizes that were given.

The 2 weeks worth of prize started out with a huge 200 credits. In my opinion, that is an awesome prize! It can buy you two items from the Poptropica Store if you play your cards right. The next prize was 50 credits. This isn’t hat great of a prize, especially since we just got 200, but it isn’t all that bad either. I mean, credits are credits, right?

That was how I felt, until the next promo code was announced. It got you a measly 5 credits, which can’t really get you anything. Still, I had hope for future codes.

FartgunNext up was 75 credits. Okay, credits are great and all, but we were promised more. Thankfully, the next prize was different… a fart gun! With the item equipped, you could press space bar and shoot out a green mist from your gun, which causes other Poptropicans to turn green. While this isn’t an amazing award, it brings hope for things to come.

After that, we got another 75 credits. It’s great for buying something in the Store, but we have already gotten a lot of credits.

But don’t give up just yet! The next prize was the twin power, which duplicates your Poptropican, allowing you to follow yourself around! Most people weren’t too thrilled with this award, but I actually like it. Who wouldn’t want more Spotted Dragon? XD

Sadly, the last 3 prizes were all credits. 75, 20, and lastly 100. 100 was a good number to end on, but there were just a LOT of credits.

Okay, now that everything has been recapped, time for my overall review.

daily pop in

Credits are great. For Poptropicans without membership, this gives them a great opportunity to buy things from the Store. Giving credits out, instead of items/costumes, also gives the player more options. It lets you choose what you want, instead of you winning something that you don’t like. However, it doesn’t really help members that much.

Of course, we did get 2 prizes that weren’t just credits. First was the fart gun. Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves a good old fashion fart joke, but this item is just not all that appealing to me. Especially since it was also an old Despicable Me Ad prize (I also think Minions are overused). Second was the twin power, which I have already explained that I like, even though most think it isn’t amazing.

Anyway, during the event, the Creators tried to create their own excitement. Even before the event had even started, the Poptropica Creators seemed to hype up the event, way more than it was worth. With the event’s announcement, this was said:

The prize varies every day — it may be credits, or an item, or a costume. You’ll have to come back every day to get them all, because each code will only work for one day!

Plus, judging by the image they gave (shown above), the prizes were going to be very rare and possibly limited edition from the past, such as the Golden Pop Star that was featured. Sadly, there was not a single costume awarded.

Many players expressed their disappointment and the Creators apologized, but nothing more than that. In my opinion, if the Daily Pop-In was suggested to be more low-key in its announcements, than we would have been more pleased.

Overall, I give the Daily Pop-In a 4/10.

I’m sorry, but that is just what seems right. Although…

We’ve had an absolutely blast giving away so many free credits and items over the past two weeks. The Daily Pop-In Prize is over for now, but you can bet we’ll be doing more like this in the future!

Captain Crawfish did say that more things like this will happen in the future. We live and learn, so I expect the future to be brighter.

We also have the Timmy Failure giveaways to look forward to!


Timmy Failure Sneak Peeks and New Updates!

Hello everyone! I apologize for my inactivity, but I’m back now, and hopefully will be around the blog for the rest of the summer. 😉

Given all of the sneak peeks recently, it looks like Timmy Failure Island will be the next adventure on Poptropica. Based on the popular book series Stephan Pastis, that’s really all we know about the upcoming island. Maybe these pictures can help come up with some sort of theory?

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Poptropica: Hall of Fame & More

Hey guys! Sorry for all the inactivity. Hopefully in a week or two we will be able to post more often, being done with school and exams. Anyway, there are a few big announcements that we should catch up on.

If you haven’t heard already, Poptropica is starting a Hall of Fame contest! Well not exactly a contest… lemme explain.

hall of fame

The more islands you complete, the more likely you will win. If you do win, your Poptropican will be featured on the main street of a Poptropica Island! You will be the star for an entire week! 😛 For more detailed information on the Hall of Fame, read the Creators’ original post.

Moving onto the more minor stuff, there are a lot of behind the scenes images to share from Twitter (like always).

The first two don’t look like Poptropica’s normal art style, so it is probably meant for a sponsored island. Specifically, Timmy Failure Island, which will be coming out soon. The last picture, well, I’m not entirely sure. Post your ideas in the comments below!

While this next image isn’t exactly a behind the scenes masterpiece, it is still some pretty darn good concept art.

concept art 1

Lastly, some updates to the Poptropica App are coming soon. Specifically, a Mystery of the Map balloon game and royal costumes.

Pretty neat! That’s all for now guys. I hope to post more often soon! Thank you to all my authors that have been helping me out. 🙂