GHD For All, Myserty of the Map, PopStorms, & More

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Great news! Galactic Hot Dogs Island is now out for all. We will try to have a guide for the island soon, but in the meantime, the Poptropica Creators have their own video walkthrough.

Moving on, if you haven’t heard already, the Creators have a new Poptropica Comics series called Mystery of the Map. Don’t worry, the story still follows are favorite Poptropica Comic characters: Oliver and Jorge. So far, there have been 6 pages. To stay up to date, click here.

While on the subject of Poptropica Comics, check out this cool sneak peek.

In other news, time to catch up on PopStorm! So here is 13, 14, and 15.

Hehehe, cute. 😛 Of course, there are also a ton of amazing Realm creations to be shared!

Check out the Poptropica Twitter for even more remarkable realms!

While on the subject of Poptropica Realms, a select few Poptropicans have been featured on the Poptropica Realms banner, shown on the Poptropica homepage.

realm feature

Congrats guys! That’s all for now folks. 🙂


P.S. Have you noticed our Valentine’s Day themed header? Well, it will sadly be taken down soon, since the holiday is over. We hope you liked it though!


The Red Throne.

Another Adventure Time updated everyone! Sorry that I took so long to make it. I’ve been kinda sick lately. I also realize that I usually title these posts with the title of the most recent and next episode of AT. Well, this time it’s just the next episode because the next episode is just really important. As everyone knows, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon (Join me at the PHB’s Valentine’s Day party! I think I’ll be there!).

I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ll talk more about the upcoming Valentine’s Day special later. We should talk about Rattleballs first. I wasn’t extremely impressed, but we did get to see more on the Candy Kingdom’s past. It’s definitely cool that there is now a secret hero around, but I’m pretty disappointed with Finn. He is going overboard with the whole hero thing and totally gave a secret away in 5 seconds! Shame. 😛

Okay, I just can’t stand it. On to the next episode! It is called… *drum roll* The Red Throne! It’s synopsis is “When Flame King breaks out of his prison and takes over the Fire Kingdom again, Flame Princess turns to the one person she believes she can trust – Finn! But will Finn be able to put his feelings for Flame Princess aside long enough to help her reclaim her throne?” 😯 This is big time a Valentine’s Day special. Now, this is the only preview for it that has been aired on TV (It’s for multiple shows though, not just AT):

Just for a brief moment, around 0:08, you could see Flame Princess, Finn, and Cinnamon on a giant Fire Wolf. While on the wolf, FP is siting between the two guys, but then moves in front of CB, away from Finn. Awkward… Anyway, they didn’t show much and if you didn’t know the synopsis, you couldn’t tell what the episode was about at all. Thankfully, I found this video over at the AT Wiki that gives us a little bit more insight:

So FP and CB really don’t trust Princess Bubblegum. Heck, I can’t say I completely trust her myself. She has some deep secrets. On the other hand, FP seems to trust Finn again. Hopefully it won’t be too tense between them. So does anyone have any theories about this upcoming drama bomb?

Talking about feelings, Cartoon Network has picked some of their favorite Finn faces/emotions.

Delighted Finn

Dr. Finn

Freakout Finn

Astral Finn

Academic Finn

Boom Boom Finn

Whoa! Finn!

Huggy Finn

Nom Nom Finn

Not Finn

Which Finn face is your favorite? I think I like Dr. Finn the best. So “professional.” 🙂