What’s to Come of Forgotten Islands & Lands

forgotten islands 3ds

Remember a certain post of mine? I mentioned a certain part of the Creators’ Blog that hinted at a new video game.

ds game

Well, her findings have paid off! According to a recent tweet from the Creators, this new game will be coming soon. Specifically, the game is for 3DS and is called Poptropica Forgotten Islands. Sound familiar? Yep, it was an iOS app. Below are previews to what the game will hold (click to enlarge).

Poptropica Forgotten Islands (3DS) will come out on October 14, 2014, but you can pre-order it now for about $30. By clicking the link in the previous sentence, you can also see the synopsis and other details for the game.

In other news, we are expecting another Poptropica Land update soon. A recent Poptropica tweet gives hints for what will be added in the update. Click to enlarge the image.

popland update

As you can see, the picture shown above features a table, an armoire/cabinet, and various animals. Hopefully we will see these features and more soon enough. Plus, would we possibly be able to customize parts of the animals? They do look fairly Poptropican size. 🙂



AT San Diego Comic-Con Wrap-Up

Hey guys! All the Comic-Con commotion has been wrapping up lately (not counting Poptropica), so I wanted to see what I could find to make everyone who missed out on the events feel less left-out.

First off, thanks to an awesome fan, a video of one of the 2014 AT pannels was recorded, aside from all the copyrighted sneak peeks. Eh, we got pretty close, huh? FYI, this video is pretty long, so you might want to skip some of it. 😉

From all the searching I did, I also came upon the news of the next Adventure Time video game, called “Secret of the Nameless Kingdom.” Check it:

Looks like a pretty mathematical game so far. Plus, it seems that new Princesses will be mentioned (they might be “unregistered princesses” as heard of in Princess Day).

Well, that’s all I could find for now. For all the other places that Comic-Con is held at, I’m sorry, San Diego is the most known and therefore the most mentioned. 😛