Our Orange Poptropica-ish Discovery Island

Okay, we got some big news that may in fact change everything (or it won’t change anything, who knows), discovered by former ATP author HPuterpop. Thankfully we are not talking about back to school stuff (although the commercials have been driving me crazy).

Thank to the Poptropica Help Blog for the images in this post.

Anyway HPuterpop was searching for Poptropica books when we came across some interesting information. Long story short, Our Discovery Island was, um, discovered.

our discovery island

As you can see, it looks almost identical to Poptropica. It’s even “Powered by Poptropica.” Plus, if you go to ourdiscoveryisland.com, you will see what looks like a weird Poptropica homepage… but it’s… orange.

orange poptropica

However, you need an access code to make an account. You may need to buy one of Pearson’s Poptropica-ish books for a code, since the islands on the site seem to be based off their books. Also, this site is owned by Pearson, which Poptropica is no longer owned by.

When HPuterpop contacted the Poptropica Creators, they said that more of these Poptropica “clones” will be popping up soon. To be honest, this kind of scares me…

Moving on, this (pretty old) game play video shows that the characters from the game had actual voice acting. It also proves that the game was specifically made for students and educational purposes.

Okay, those voice kinda creeped me out… Still, the game engine is definitely Poptropica. In addition to the game play video, there have been some animated videos for Our Discovery Island.

Okaaaaay… Oddly enough, many Poptropicans such as Pixel, Silver Wolf, Brave Sky, and myself have managed to get a hold of an ODI account. Everything seemed very simplistic and along the same lines as the things we’ve already found.

Looking at ODI’s About Page, it looks like it is only copyrighted for 2011. Maybe this was something that never fully developed and no one has gotten around to taking it down? Eh, it’s only a possibility… Although on the homepage, the copyright is for 2015.

In conclusion:

  1. Orange is NOT Poptropica’s color
  2. Even though this new site is educational, I am still very confused

Thanks a ton to HP’s post on the PHB, which I based this post on. Read it to find out more about the books and other things about the site. For even more information, click here and discover things yourself!

Be sure to comment your thoughts on Orange Poptropica below. 😛